Noel Staley – Lucky to be still with us…

I was reading the Argus on Saturday 27 May 1939 at the Trove, a treasure trove of articles from old papers that have been digitized by the National Library of Australia. It's well worth a visit. Anyway, I found the following piece regarding Noel Staley. If this had been any worse, we might not have … Continue reading

What Does “Staley” Mean?

The internet is a great place to find things out, and we found out the old meanings of the name "Staley". English: byname from Middle English staley ‘resolute’, ‘reliable’, a reduced form of Stallard. Belgian French: from Old French estalee ‘fish trap’, hence possibly a metonymic … Continue reading

Help Grow This Tree

The Family History Report, Thomas Staley, 1769-1851, in the Family Files Menu, gives the "Bare Bones" events for Thomas's Descendants. We have sources for most of the entries and General Notes for some. Please contact us if you have differing or additional information or just wish to verify … Continue reading