Jonathan and Catherine Staley

We are very grateful to Cyndy in Florida, who has provided some wonderful photos from an album that she believes was a gift to Daniel Blyth Staley at Christmas 1883, it was discovered at the family home, some of the photos have been named, which may have been done sometime later.  It is great that we have later images of the couple, Jonathan Staley and Catharine Lawrie, along with their young children, Janet (Jennie) and Jonathan (Later Rev.) who sailed from Glasgow arriving at New York on 12 April, 1849.

Images of the Staley’s born in Scotland

Jonathan Staley

Images of the Staley’s born in America

Who are these people?

The gentleman on the right is Jonathan Staley Snr., and we’d like to find out who the other two are?

If you could help, please email us

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