Staley Graves – USA

Jonathan Staley (1823-1890) and his wife, Catharine Staley (nee Lawrie) (1826-1897) and their two eldest children (Jonathan and Janet) emigrated to the USA. They arrived in New York on April 12, 1849, after sailing from Glasgow on the “Carolina”, there were about 150 passengers. After they arrived in USA they had another eight children (Mary, Thomas, Robert, William, Catharine, Daniel, Marion and Isabella)

You can see the Descendant chart for Jonathon and Catharine Staley. Click to see it enlarged.

Descendant Chart Jonathon Staley 1823-1890

Here are some photographs of their gravestones at Graceland Cemetery (Block 13 Lot 12), Madison, South Dakota.
Thanks to Thea in Oklahoma, USA for these photos.