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Travelling through the archives of newspapers at the National Library Trove website, we found the following article. It sounds very weird to us, but you never know how sneaky thieves can be….

All extraordinary burglary was perpetrated at Yandoit on last Sunday morning (1867).  The following particulars we glean from the Daylesford Mercury :-

“Two brothers, of the name of Staley, keep a large and general store there, the building being of wood. On Saturday night it was locked up all safe, one brother retiring to sleep in a building at the rear of the store, the other in an apartment off, yet forming part of, the store.  On Sunday morning, on one of the brothers getting up, he was surprised to see some goods lying about, and on examination it was found that without disturbing the brother sleeping in the room in the store, or a single growl from a ferocious dog that will not allow, even during the day, anyone to approach him, and who was locked up in the store, several holes were bored in one corner, and on opening then sawn out opposite a quantity of goods, which were lifted aside, and an entrance effected.  A careful and deliberate selection had been then made for the best goods by the light of two candles, and thirty pairs of trousers, hats, Crimean shirts and other property, including some silver in the till, to the value in all of about £70, carried off, and without leaving the slightest clue for the detection of the offenders.

It seems scarcely possible that such an offence could have been committed without having in some way stupefied the man and dog, and yet both seemed all right in the morning.  The dog is noted as a ferocious and faithful watch, that will not allow anyone to play with him.”

Maybe it’s time to get a new dog!!!

From the Argus, 5 Dec. 1867, Page 5.