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  1. Hi Noel,
    I did my apprentice ship at Glo Glos in ‘57 now, how time flies, still have dishes in my mind from there, worked with Hans back then, drank lots of beer, well Gary made me. If one thing was wrong, Gloria stood at the door, all had to go back, the whole table, remember it all, so loved. Thanks.

  2. Hi Noel
    Firstly I must say what a fantastic sight and a great source of information towards my family tree journey.
    My grandmother was Mary Isabelle Lee (Metherall) making Mary Staley my GG Grandmother.
    I was hoping you could add my father John Metherall Lee(1939-2009) to this branch as he is not mentioned and he was the son of Mary Isabelle Lee and Mervyn Lee .
    Kind regards
    Nicola Lee

  3. Hi there
    Congratulations on a great website!

    I wanted to let you and your readers know of a book I’ve just published “In the Shadow of Feathertop – a History of the Lives and Legacy of George Jones and Margaret Hardie”.

    A number of Staley family members are mentioned, as well as Daniel Blythe, because they were closely connected to my ancestor William Cadzow, who was also a Whitburn native. Blythe was William’s sponsor for his trip out. And William and his family travelled to the Forest Creek goldfield with a Staley family after spending a few nights at Blythes house. One of William’s brothers came out on the Reaper with several Staley family members, too. So they get a few mentions in the book! Of particular interest are some original letters reproduced in the book, and transcribed, which were written home to Scotland by William and his wife Euphemia telling family at home about life at Forest Creek. The Staleys rate a mention or two in the letters also.

    You can read more about my book here: http://craig-fullerton.com/in-the-shadow-of-feathertop/

    There is a Names Index you can go to from there to see which of your Staley ancestors are mentioned.

    Kind regards

  4. Hi Noel. Great work! Are you aware that Beryl Joyce Doran was the SECOND wife of Matthew Dick Aitken? His first wife was Agnes Gina Boyle 1896-1934. They were married 4/4/1923. They had a daughter Nancy Aitken 18/1/28 – 20/11/2002. Keep up the great work, Pat Stearn.

    • Thanks Pat, I do know that, I have his Death Certificate and it says that there were 2 children, if you’d like a copy, contact me

  5. Hi Noel, thank you for this wonderful website. I’m Breanna, the youngest daughter of Sandra Staley and grand daughter of Bob and Dot Staley.

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