Noel Staley – Lucky to be still with us…

I was reading the Argus on Saturday 27 May 1939 at the Trove, a treasure trove of articles from old papers that have been digitized by the National Library of Australia. It’s well worth a visit. Anyway, I found the following piece regarding Noel Staley. If this had been any worse, we might not have had this site….



When exploring the railway line between Hartwell and Burwood with another small boy, Noel Staley, aged 4 years, of Halley avenue, Camberwell, was struck by the running-board of a train late yesterday afternoon. Suffering from fractured ribs and abrasions, he was admitted to the Children’s Hospital for observation. His condition is not serious.

The train was about 300 yards from the Burwood station when the driver saw Staley and another small boy walking along the line. He applied the brakes with a force which jolted passengers from their seats, and the train had almost stopped when the running-board struck Staley. The boy was just running off the line when he was struck. His companion escaped injury

It just show you need to be careful…