The History of the Staley Family in Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.8136276, Longitude: 144.9630576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DAVIES, Osborne Chambers  Abt 1877Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I889
2 KYNE, Beatrice Blanche Hannah  27 Jul 1911Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1267
3 McBEAN, Alexander  1858Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I638
4 McBEAN, George Carfrae  1860Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I639
5 McBEAN, Henry Darling  1866Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I917
6 McBEAN, James Locksley (Lockie)  18 Nov 1925Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I688
7 McMILLAN, Frances Hope  1870Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I409
8 MITCHELL, Xanthyea Cherie  23 Mar 1985Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1291
9 MONTEITH, Blanche Isa  2 Apr 1908Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1406
10 MONTEITH, Marvie May  6 May 1906Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1405
11 O'CONNOR, Shirley Gray (Tim)  5 Jun 1939Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1135
12 SHAND, Barbara Elaine  19 Aug 1937Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I854
13 ST LEGER, George  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I881
14 THOMAS, Henry Sylvester John  8 Feb 1920Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2219
15 WHITE, Thomas Walter  1865Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2322


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BLYTH, Jonathan  1 Feb 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1686
2 BLYTH, Mary  1 Feb 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1685


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Winifred Amy (Win)  27 Mar 2002Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I976
2 ATYEO, George Francis  13 May 1991Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1422
3 BASTOW, William Ernest  Abt 1969Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I230
4 BOTTOMLEY, Clarence Herbert  19 Dec 1973Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1592
5 BREDIN, Raymond William  1965Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I642
6 CRANSTON, Lynette Nancie  1934Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1679
7 DRUMMOND, Mary Fayette  19 Oct 2000Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I682
8 GOOLEY, Isobel Mary  17 May 1987Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1419
9 HARMES, Harriet  29 Sep 1938Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1611
10 JOB, Isabel Margaret  1965Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1786
11 KINKEAD, William Harold  1975Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I636
12 LAMONT, Arthur James  1976Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I693
13 LEE, Christopher Mervyn  1947Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I402
14 LEE, Harriet Alice  29 Dec 1953Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I385
15 McBEAN, Alexander  1869Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I663
16 McBEAN, Margaret  23 Mar 1936Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1726
17 McFARLANE, Mary Edith (Mollie)  1975Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2294
18 MUNRO, Jonathan  1964Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I989
19 MURDOCH, John Kennedy (Jack)  14 Apr 2001Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2446
20 PIERCEY, Kenneth George  Aug 1998Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2045
21 PIERCEY, Robert Birdwood  1970Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2050
22 SLOLEY, Cornelius William  23 Feb 1942Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1650
23 STALEY, Edwin Hamilton (Ted)  4 Aug 1959Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I203
24 STALEY, Evelyn Kirkwood  1944Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I633
25 STALEY, George Graham  18 Jun 1891Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I397
26 STALEY, Robert  1944Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I96


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROCK / STALEY  6 Oct 1936Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F21
2 BURNS / STALEY  1 May 1946Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F161
3 McMILLAN / STALEY  3 Feb 1854Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F115
4 STALEY / DE SALIS  26 Oct 1940Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F160
5 STALEY / GRANT  23 Dec 1936Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F178
6 STALEY / MOTT  1942Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F220
7 STALEY / NICOL  2 Mar 1953Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F204