The History of the Staley Family in Australia

Inglewood, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -36.5763890, Longitude: 143.8688890


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BASTOW, Annie Elizabeth  1904Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I825
2 BASTOW, Robert David  1907Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I224
3 DOWELL, Sarah Ann  1862Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I2374
4 MITCHELL, Joseph Roy  22 May 1888Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I495
5 MITCHELL, Joseph Roy (Roy)  1910Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I1238
6 MONAGHAN, Ernest Robert  1894Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I898
7 PARKER, John Peter (Jack)  15 Nov 1887Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I906
8 PIERCEY, George Henry  1894Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I905
9 SHAND, Alexander  1877Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I416
10 SHAND, Alma Jane  1906Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I698
11 SHAND, George  1913Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I699
12 SHAND, Mary Ann  1905Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I914
13 STAGG, Annie  1862Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I400
14 STALEY, Agnes  16 Oct 1864Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I378
15 STALEY, Annie Jane  18 Apr 1886Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I401
16 STALEY, Elizabeth  20 Sep 1890Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I485
17 STALEY, Henry Sylvester (Sport)  29 Mar 1896Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I487
18 STALEY, James Robert  1913Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I492
19 STALEY, Janet  1867Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I380
20 STALEY, Jonathan (Jack)  13 Aug 1884Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I484
21 STALEY, Jonathan Lambe  1910Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I493
22 STALEY, Margaret (Margretta)  6 Sep 1888Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I963
23 STALEY, May Elizabeth  1908Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I491
24 STALEY, Robert Alexander  27 Aug 1870Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I499
25 STALEY, Robert Gustav  1 May 1893Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I486
26 STALEY, Robert Henry  1918Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I685
27 STALEY, Ronald Mervyn  12 Apr 1923Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I575
28 STALEY, Roy  1916Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I684
29 STALEY, Thomas Allan  Abt 1875Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I500
30 STALEY, William Joseph  12 Jan 1898Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I488
31 THOMAS, Dorothy Gwendoline May  1902Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I1112


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BASTOW, William Patrick  1939Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I733
2 GILLIES, Jane  25 Feb 1912Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I377
3 KENNEDY, Mary Ann  1912Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I707
4 LAMBE, Emily May  Nov 1915Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I489
5 LUMSDEN, Annie  1921Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I23
6 PARKER, William Henry Stephen  1914Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I1855
7 PIERCEY, Charles Tanner  May 1923Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I498
8 PIERCEY, George Henry  1895Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I905
9 POYSER, Ida May  10 Sep 1992Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I496
10 SHAND, Alexander  1917Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I708
11 SHAND, Alexander  1953Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I416
12 SHAND, Mary Ann  1927Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I914
13 STAGG, Henry  1877Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I1746
14 STALEY, Annie Jane  Jan 1889Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I401
15 STALEY, Ethel Jane  1924Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I398
16 STALEY, Janet  1872Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I380
17 STALEY, Jonathan  8 Dec 1897Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I388
18 STALEY, Margaret Jane  Apr 1894Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I497
19 STALEY, Robert  19 Jul 1882Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I182
20 STALEY, Robert Henry  1918Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I685
21 STALEY, Roy  1916Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I684
22 STALEY, Thomas Allan  5 Dec 1935Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I500
23 STALEY, William Joseph  7 Mar 1961Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I488
24 THOMAS, Henry Sylvester John  30 Mar 1920Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I2219


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LAMBE, Emily May  29 Nov 1915Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I489
2 POYSER, Ida May  14 Sep 1992Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I496
3 STALEY, Janet  13 Jul 1872Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I380
4 STALEY, Jonathan  9 Dec 1897Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I388
5 STALEY, Robert Gustav  21 Oct 1976Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I486
6 STALEY, Robert Henry  29 Nov 1918Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I685
7 STALEY, William Joseph  Mar 1961Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I488
8 TOY, Gladys Victoria  30 Apr 1993Inglewood, Victoria, Australia I550


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DORAN / STALEY  1910Inglewood, Victoria, Australia F193
2 MITCHELL / STALEY  14 Jul 1909Inglewood, Victoria, Australia F186
3 STALEY / LAMBE  1908Inglewood, Victoria, Australia F185
4 STALEY / STAGG  28 Nov 1883Inglewood, Victoria, Australia F173