The History of the Staley Family in Australia

Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia



City/Town : Latitude: -37.058136, Longitude: 144.21850059999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Charles Walter  20 Jul 1871Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I341
2 ALLEN, Charles William (Bill)  2 May 1907Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I967
3 ALLEN, Clarice Jean (Jean)  26 Jul 1901Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I675
4 ALLEN, Dorothy May, MBE  24 May 1905Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I962
5 ALLEN, Elizabeth Hamilton  14 Feb 1877Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I343
6 ALLEN, Ethel Marion  1903Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I954
7 ALLEN, Winifred Amy (Win)  23 Sep 1909Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I976
8 CAMPBELL, Florence Emily  1905Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I662
9 DRUMMOND, Gladys Gartside (Billie)  1919Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I697
10 DRUMMOND, Mary Fayette  1917Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I682
11 KINKEAD, Dorothy Hamilton  1909Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I5
12 KINKEAD, Emma Mary  1912Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I6
13 KINKEAD, Ina Evelyn  1908Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I4
14 KINKEAD, William Harold  1888Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I636
15 MATHESON, James Staley  21 Dec 1881Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I325
16 McBEAN, Brenda  1897Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1402
17 McBEAN, Henry Malcolm  1901Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1400
18 McBEAN, Locksley  1896Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1401
19 McBEAN, Mina  1900Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1404
20 McLEAN, Hugh Stanley Allen  1894Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1741
21 MONTEITH, Alexander  11 Oct 1878Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I333
22 MONTEITH, Alexander Norris  12 Oct 1890Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1655
23 MONTEITH, Charles Walter  26 Aug 1889Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I339
24 MONTEITH, Cyril Reginald (Rex)  17 Oct 1888Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1389
25 MONTEITH, Elizabeth  5 Jun 1865Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I773
26 MONTEITH, Hugh Orwin  31 Oct 1897Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I979
27 MONTEITH, Hugh Stanley  4 Dec 1886Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1586
28 MONTEITH, Hugh Thomas  15 Jan 1864Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I774
29 MONTEITH, Isabella  22 Feb 1887Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I337
30 MONTEITH, Isabella Ferguson  4 Mar 1871Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I330
31 MONTEITH, Jane Allen Donaldson (Jeanie)  3 Jan 1877Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1014
32 MONTEITH, Janet Brown Dods  30 Apr 1873Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I331
33 MONTEITH, Jonathan  8 Jan 1885Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I336
34 MONTEITH, Margaret  9 Jun 1867Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I327
35 MONTEITH, Mary  11 Feb 1875Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I332
36 MONTEITH, Millicent Maud  18 Feb 1896Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I978
37 MONTEITH, Robert  8 Jun 1880Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I334
38 MONTEITH, Thomas Staley  5 Jul 1869Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I329
39 MONTEITH, William  27 Apr 1882Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I335
40 STALEY, Jonathan  3 Sep 1862Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I195
41 STINTON, Richard Allan (Allan)  5 Jan 1907Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I910
42 SYMES, Harold Charles Reuben  15 Apr 1894Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I250
43 WALTER, Alexander  17 Apr 1895Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1390
44 WALTER, John Hopkins  3 Dec 1893Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1735
45 WALTER, Mary Staley  1892Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I984
46 WALTER, Sarah Gladys  1896Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1736


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Charles  5 Sep 1902Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I340
2 ALLEN, Elizabeth Hamilton  12 May 1975Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I343
3 CARFRAE, Margaret Flint  1896Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I623
4 HAMILTON, Elizabeth  14 May 1878Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I545
5 KINKEAD, Ina Evelyn  1909Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I4
6 MATHESON, James Staley  1897Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I325
7 McBEAN, George Carfrae  1905Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I639
8 McLEAN, Hugh Stanley Allen  1980Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1741
9 MONTEATH (MONTEITH), Alexander  27 May 1893Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I326
10 MONTEITH, Alexander  20 Dec 1891Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I333
11 MONTEITH, Charles Walter  1889Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I339
12 MONTEITH, Isabella Ferguson  1873Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I330
13 MONTEITH, Margaret  1958Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I327
14 MUNRO, Catherine (Kitty)  1985Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I987
15 MUNRO, Robert  24 Aug 1916Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I985
16 NELSON, Margaret  12 Jun 1939Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1865
17 NESBIT, Agnes  1893Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1866
18 ROWBOTHAM, John James (Jack)  19 Mar 1993Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I784
19 STALEY, Jane  1897Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I191
20 STALEY, Margaret  1881Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I194
21 STALEY, Robert  27 Dec 1853Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I192
22 STINTON, Richard James  29 Oct 1947Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I913
23 STRONG, Emily Frances  20 Jul 1928Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1039
24 VICK, Verna  9 May 1969Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I248
25 WALTER, Alexander  28 Nov 1974Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1390
26 WALTER, John Hopkins  1 Nov 1956Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1735


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLEN / EVANS  22 Nov 1941Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F1538
2 CONNELL / STALEY  1 Sep 1881Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F154
3 DRUMMOND / WALTER  1915Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F584
4 KINKEAD / STALEY  15 Feb 1908Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F240
5 McBEAN / MONTEITH  15 Aug 1894Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F147
6 MONTEATH (MONTEITH) / STALEY  15 Jan 1863Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F144
7 MONTEITH / NORRIS  13 Oct 1885Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F424
8 MUNRO / MONTEITH  11 Jun 1890Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F145
9 MURDOCH / ALLEN  21 Oct 1933Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F1543
10 STALEY / STALEY  18 Dec 1871Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F172
11 STINTON / ALLEN  1 Dec 1898Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F152
12 STINTON / CAMPBELL  9 Sep 1933Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F261