The Diary of Thos Law McMillan

In a supplement to “the Argus” newspaper published in Melbourne in December 29, 1950, a diary of Thos Law McMillan was published. This was due to the preservation  and editing of his diary by Mary L Turnbull, the granddaughter of Dr McMillan. As it says in the preface to the article:-

Dr McMillan left Edinburgh University in 1850 to try his hand at mining. He was 24 years old and a medical student. He came to Australia by way of Pennsylvania and California working his passage as a ship’s surgeon. Upon arriving in Melbourne, he set off for the Bendigo diggings with his friends, writing his journal from day to day.

You will find the diary very interesting and I really suggest you take the time to read it. He later gave up mining and became a physician and was also the President of the Medical Society of Victoria.

It’s available as a PDF and you can download it here.